Information about web hosting

S words


Secure SHell. An encrypted protocol for operating a command line shell on a remote computer. Suitable for more complicated operations than ftp, like configuring applications and unpacking file archives. Shell access is often not available in shared hosting accounts but is the preferred alternative for administering a dedicated or virtual privte server.


Secure File Transfer Protocol. An protocol that runs on top of SSH and presents you with an ftp-like interface. Same application area as normal ftp, but secure since it works over an ssh connection. So it's mostly used in conjunction with SSH. SSH for administering you server/account and sftp for uploading your files.


Secure Socket Layers. A protocol used by websites for transferring data across the internet securely. Should be used when transferring sensitive data like credit cards. To use your own ssl certificate you also need your own IP address.


Short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and is the standard protocol for transmitting email across the internet. As far as email clients are concerned, an SMTP server to be used for sending email must be specified. Your web host will normally have an smtp server you can use but it's more common to use the one supplied by your internet service provider.


A fast and simple database with some advanced features. Sqlite's main selling point besides speed is that a database is stored in a single file and there is no server involved. This leads to easier setup and less memory requirements.


Server Side Includes are directives you place in your html code and are evaluated by the server before it serves your page. Usable for adding pieces of dynamic content to your website. It can be viewed as a very limited scripting language with the ability to call cgi scripts for more advanced tasks. Was more common in the nineties when C and Perl were the dominant technologies for server side programming.