Information about web hosting

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The amount of data that can be transferred from your web hosting account in a given time period, normally a month. If the data transferred from your account exceeds this limit, your web host might charge extra for this data transfer or in extreme cases, shut down your account. The amount of data transfer you need for your website depends on the amount of traffic and the size/weight of your web pages.


The amount of storage available for your website with related files and emails. Disk space is cheap so it's not a concern for most website owners.


Domain Name Server. You need a set of domain name servers so people going to your domain name will get to view your website. Your web host will normally have at least two domain name servers available for their customers. Point your domain to those servers in the control panel for your domain, and requests for your domain will return your website.


A domain name is an address that is used to identify a website. It consists of numbers and/or characters. Domain names are split into two parts. First your selected name, f.ex. example and a top level domain (TLD), f.ex. ".com" som the complete domain name is