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GWHI web hosting newsletter

Due to my lack of ability to produce newsletters on a regular basis I have decided to discontinue the newsletter and focus on other aspects of this website, like the hosting blog. The archive will still be kept online but no more newsletters will be produced.

Unlimited newsletter edition

This newsletter is about the (mis)use of the terms unlimited and unmetered in the web hosting market. GWHI Newsletter # 3.. March 09/2004

Does your web host provide good statistics?

This newsletter contains short reviews of the most common programs for website traffic analysis and talks about why overselling web hosts are becoming more common (and successful). GWHI Newsletter # 2.. January 14/2004

Why you should not register your domain with your web host

This newsletter is about the dangers of using your web host as your domain registrar, and what you should do to nake sure you have full control over your domains. GWHI Newsletter # 1.. November 04/2003