Information about web hosting

Advanced web hosting info

When your websites start to grow, you need more advanced web hosting. That is the subject for the advanced section.

Web hosting for geeks

A smaller segment in the shared hosting industry with focus on supporting more and newer technologies is best known as geek hosting. I don't like to put the term geek on every webmaster/developer who might purchase this type of hosting but it seems to be the most common term for this small part of the hosting market. Geek hosting.. January 01/2006

Hosting for Python powered websites

Python is an excellent language for web programming but finding a good web host for your Python powered websites is not as easy as for websites programmed in PHP. And the problem is not only that PHP is installed everywhere and Python is not. Python hosting.. October 23/2004

Reseller hosting

Start your own web hosting business with a reseller account. Investment is small and potential profits are high. Reseller hosting.. October 15/2002

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are for demanding applications that need a fast CPU and high security. Come here to find out about different types of dedicated hosting. Dedicated servers.. October 15/2002

Virtual private servers (VPS)

Virtual private servers are like dedicated servers with a little less security and server resources for a lot less money. Virtual private servers.. October 15/2002

Highend shared hosting for cpu intensive applications

Highend shared hosting accounts are aimed at websites that need plenty of CPU resources, disk space and data transfer, like busy forums. Highend shared hosting.. October 15/2002