Information about web hosting

Intermediate web hosting info

The intermediate section is meant to cover the most important features available in shared hosting packages, so you can get the most out of shared web hosting.

Multi domain hosting, web hosting for multiple domains in one package

Save money with multi domain hosting if you need web hosting for multiple websites with their own domains. Multi domain hosting.. October 15/2002

Ecommerce web hosting info

Info about ecommerce web hosting for small/home businesses. What you may need includes a shopping cart and payment processing. Ecommerce hosting.. October 15/2002

Database solutions for web hosting accounts

Ups and downs of different database solutions commonly used for dynamic websites. Databases include MySQL, MS SQL and Microsoft Access. Databases.. October 15/2002

Operating systems for web servers

There are 2 types of operating systems commonly used for web servers, Windows and Linux/Unix. Operating systems.. October 15/2002

Server side scripting languages in a web hosting account

Server side scripting languages makes it possible to create advanced web sites. This page contains descriptions of the most common scripting languages available in web hosting accounts. Scripting.. March 01/2002