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Web hosting info for beginners

Get the information you need to find the best web hosting solution. Web hosting info for beginners covers all the basic subjects.

How much data transfer do you really need?

The data transfer quotas in budget hosting accounts are major selling points for many web hosting customers. But before you go shopping for gigabytes you should find out what you really need. How much.. July 02/2006

Shared hosting info

Find out the basic facts about shared hosting and get yourself a professional presence on the web. Shared hosting.. October 15/2002

Registering domain names

Register a domain or two, but read this page first. About what domains you should register, where to register them, and what to look for in a domain registrar. Domains.. March 01/2002

Pricing strategies for web hosting providers

The pricing of web hosting accounts vary between web hosting providers. here is a description of different pricing strategies, payment periods, account extras and value for money. Pricing.. March 01/2002

Web hosting sizes

The size of your web hosting account decides how big your online presence can be. Get the right size web hosting account to avoid growing pains. Size.. March 01/2002

Web hosting support

Support is maybe the most important factor in web hosting. This article describes how you can find out if your potential web hosting provider offers good support. Support.. March 01/2002

Flexibility in a web hosting account

Flexibility in your web hosting account gives you room to develop your web sites and your skills. Consider account upgrades account extras, and how to change your web hosting provider. Flexibility.. March 01/2002

Data transfer in a web hosting package

Data transfer is the amount of data transferred to and from your web hosting account. This page describes in detail different data transfer policies, and explains their strengths and weaknesses. Data transfer.. March 01/2002