There are hundreds of technical books on web development and hundreds of books on running internet businesses but not that many focused on operating a website in a shared hosting environment. The title cPanel User Guide and Tutorial from Packt Publishing is an interesting exception.

While technical webmasters might think that cPanel is too simple to write a book about it should be a nice addition to the cPanel manual for those who are less technical, just getting started with webmastering or prefers to learn from books.

I think smaller publishers tend to have a more interesting catalogue with less focus on the standard topics (getting started with php etc. ) and Packt Publishing have several narrower titles that are worth a second look when you need help with building your website (that is what you want to do after getting to know cPanel, right?).

If you buy a book to learn cPanel you are most likely not the type to build an advanced content management system from scratch and Packt Publishing have several titles of topical interest that are less likely to come out of the large publishers O'Reilly, Wrox...

Some relevant titles released this year are Building Websites with Joomla!, Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals, and Community Websites, Building Online Stores with osCommerce: Beginner Edition, phpBB: A User Guide. And if you have Fantastico with your cPanel, you are just a few clicks away from setting up the software covered in those books.