The offer I thought was too good to be true was actually too good to be true. At least for most of us. The business plan seemed to be more realistic the last time I checked, but since I don't remember the details and their site is down now, you'll just have to trust me on this one. Web host down is also a very bad sign.

At least they got some publicity from their pre-launch offer.


The article about advanced Awstats configuration was followed by suspicious requests for url's with possible Awstats locations and shortly after multiple Awstats vulnerabilities was announced. It should all be fixed now, but it's better to keep Awstats in an non public location than having your server hacked in case of future problems.

Site news

A caching problem I didn't catch in my CMS before my internet conenction disappeared resulted in many white pages on so many articles haven't been accesible for long periods of time. Caching is currently disabled and it will probably stay that way for a while but I don't think you will notice the few extra tenth's of a second it takes to build a page.