Some other good websites

This is a collection of related websites (web hosting), some websites I think you will find useful (general webmaster sites etc.) and some of my favourite tools.

Web Hosting Talk

A busy web hosting forum for both customers and web hosting providers.


A little less customer oriented web hosting forums with a calmer atmosphere than Web Hosting Talk.

Daw - Web Hosting Blog

A blog offering interesting perspectives on web hosting.

Web Hosting News and Information

Web hosting resources and information about the web hosting industry

Details many of the common problems in finding a good host. It focuses on the value of credible web hosting reviews and maintains a list of Honest Hosts.

Web Hosting Companies

The Complete web hosting directory with neatly classified categories integrated with independant web hosting ratings and reviews and a seperate news section for hosting industry news addicts.

Web Hosting Resources & Webmaster Tools

Web hosting resources and web master tools to help new web hosts and webmasters in building a professional, search engine optimized and resourceful websites.


An external service for monitoring the availability of websites. The service tests the specified sites at the defined time intervals. If there are any problems, you will receive a notification with the description of the problem at the email address, SMS or AIM you specify.


My favourite Linux distro. It is installable from a nice live CD, the documentation is good and the community is pleasent. It is based on/compatible with Debian unstable so you get easy access to a huge library of fresh software. An ADSL-connection is preferrable to avoid spending to much time on downloading updates.


My favourite text editor/programming environment. The most extensible editor available and can be used for almost anything.


My former favourite text editor/programming environment. Easily extensible with plugins so you can customize it to your personal preferences and faourite programming languages. I use it for all my programming. Python, PHP, XML etc. The only downside is that it is a little heavy on memory.


A so-called Wiki that runs as a desktop program and is a great personal notebook. I use it for managing my projects, and I'm sure you will find it useful too. Give it a try and you will see that it's easy to get started and very fast to work with.


A general developer site focusing on open source technologies. Also active discussion forums.


One of the largest web-focused developer/designer websites with excellent forums.