The second reason for this page is to tell you that there is a chance that some of the information in this web site can be false. This is not intended, but can be caused by typing errors or other human errors, and the fact that web hosts changes prices and changes their offers from time to time. Most of the information in the web host presentations is taken from the respective web host's web site, and any errors there can lead to false information in this web site.

If it says on that the web host deliver something they do not deliver, it is an error and I am sorry for that, but I can't be held responsible for any consequences that might have.

About pricing comparisons

As far as possible, listed prices are monthly prices with monthly payment. Some web hosts offer discounts if you pay for longer periods of time(pre-payment), f.ex. 20% discount with yearly payment. If a pre-payment price is listed instead of a monthly price, it is most likely mentioned in a comment to the price.

Words of advice

When signing up for a web hosting account, you should check with the web host that they deliver what you want, don't take the word of for it. It is the responsibility of the web host to deliver what they have promised on their website, and you should check on their website that they deliver the services you want before signing up.

Most reasonable people will hopefully agree with the information on this web site (I haven't asked them), and following the advices given on this web site will increase the chances of finding a good web host.

In other words, I can't be hold responsible for anything that happens to you or your business as a consequence of visiting this website.

Harald Berge, owner of