<a href="http://www.goodwebhosting.info">Good Web Hosting Info</a>

Good Web Hosting Info

<a href="http://www.goodwebhosting.info">Good Web Hosting Info</a> - All the information you need to find the right web hosting provider.

Good Web Hosting Info - All the information you need to find the right web hosting provider.

Or something else you find appropriate. Specifically, you might want to alter the code to integrate it better into your website, or use shorter link text like Web Hosting Info or GoodWebHosting.info. If you include a description, feel free to write your own.

Link partner opportunities

If you have a website you think will be of benefit to the Goodwebhosting.info visitors and you would like a link from this website, you have two options.

Also visit links

These are links that are shown in the "also visit" box on each page on this website. To be considered for this option, you should offer a similar link back (all/many pages, depending on website size and number of visitors). If you have many visitors and/or a higher Google pagerank (PR) than this website (6 and up) something less might be sufficient. At the moment (07/5-2005), the Goodwebhosting.info frontpage has a PR of 5 and most of the internal pages have a PR of 4.

If you don't know what Google pagerank is, you should read this page. You can find the pagerank of your website if you install the Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer, and then use it to visit your website.

More links page

These are links on the more links page, which is a combination of link partners and my personal favourites. A single link on your website is sufficient, if the page in question is easy to find for both human visitors and search engine spiders.

A condition for both of the alternatives that will not be overlooked is that your website is similar in content to this website (web hosting related) or is useful for the visitors of this website (webmasters, online businesses, anyone looking for web hosting).


No partner links will use any redirect on this website, so the links will all be recognized by search engines and you get the benefit of additional PR. I expect you to do the same on your website.

The mentioned requirements are not absolute, the point is that I want a link partnership to be advantageous for all parts (both websites and their visitors).

If you want to participate in a link partnership or have further questions, use this contact form.