So I moved this website to a new web host last night. Nothing really wrong with the services of my old host ( Akashik) but I decided I wanted something new. For a small price increase I can now host 2 more websites within the account and have many times more space/transfer available if I should need it. My new web host is Site5.

The move was pretty fast. Download database backups, forward old mail to an outside account, change some script variables, upload database and files and ready to go. Not. As it turns out, Site5 runs PHP as CGI which causes it to work a little bit differently. Some .htaccess hacking (ForceType directives had to be changed to SetHandler directives)and the main part of the site worked.

Now the blog. I asked specifically if Site5 had the mysql module for Python installed (needed to connect to the blog database) and got a positive answer. It turned out it wasn't installed on my server. A quick email to support and 42 minutes later it was fixed.

Changed DNS servers for my domain, and the domain pointed to the new location within a very short hour. I think this might have something to do with the .info domain name system, normally DNS changes takes much longer to propagate through the net.

Found out this morning that the contact form didn't work (thanks to Artem at HostTracker). The main problem was that the $PHP_SELF variable works differently on the current setup, causing the form action attribute to point to a non-existing file. Easy to fix. I hope everything works as expected now.

Site5 also uses a custom control panel, called NetAdmin. It has pretty much the same functionality as Cpanel, but it just feels easier to navigate. The expand/collapse submenus is a main contributor to that. Other mentionable features include Fantastico, a one-click installer for 40+ open-source scripts (CMS's, blogs, forums, polls...) and the best free log analyzer, Awstats.