Although Python is a great scripting language, many web hosts do not offer Python hosting. Python is a free programming language, and uses server resources quite effectively, so there are no extra costs for Python hosting.

Python scripts work just as well on Windows servers as on Linux servers, but as Python is an open-source programming language, most Python programmers are Linux fans. Naturally, this implies that Python hosting is more common on Linux servers.


WebFaction (previously known as used to be a pure specialist in Python hosting. Support for Python is still strong and other options like Ruby on Rails have been added. Most major Python web frameworks can be hosted on Python-hosting's servers. They have 4 plans which should cover most websites.

WebFaction plans
Shared 1 Shared 3
Price $9.50 $24.50
Disk space 10 gb 40 gb
Data transfer 600 gb 1800 gb
Languages Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
Databases Unlimited MySQL, PostgreSQL Unlimited MySQL, PostgreSQL
Application memory* 80 mb 160 mb

* The actual memory available to your long-running processes (for instance, your Rails or Django processes).


Python is available in all Site5 hosting plans. Site5 is not a specialized python hosting provider which means CGI, a little old Python version and few extra modules installed. If you want to use databases (MySQL), make sure to check that you will get MySQLdb available on your server.

That said, if you can live with the limitations, you will get good value for your money. Here are two of Site5's hosting plans.

Site5 Python hosting
Hostzilla plan
Price $10.95
Disk space Unlimited
Data transfer Unlimited
Languages Perl, PHP, Python. Ruby
Databases MySQL

Site5 change their plans quite often so this might not be correct but it should be representative for Site5's offerings.