Like JSP hosting, ColdFusion hosting is more expensive, but the main reason for it being more expensive is the cost of a ColdFusion engine. The cheapest ColdFusion MX 6.1(newest generation) version costs $1299/server, so on a shared web server the price increase is typically $10-$20/month and up. Another reason for the higher price is that ColdFusion hosting is more common on Windows servers, even though Linux is supported by ColdFusion.

EasyASP web hosting

EasyASP Hosting offers cheap ColdFusion hosting in 3 plans, hosted on Windows 2000 servers. In addition to ColdFusion, ASP.Net, Perl, Python and PHP are also included. ColdFusion is an optional addon ($3/month) to the standard hosting plans. Details including adjusted pricing are as follows.

EasyASP dotNet hosting
Starter Premium
Price $9.99/month* $19.99/month*
Data transfer 5gb 15gb
Disk space 250 mb 1000 mb
Languages ColdFusion ColdFusion
Databases Access, MySQL Access, MySQL

*) 6 month contract. 12 and 24 month contracts at a slightly lower price.