Variations of multi domain hosting

When you have many websites with their own domains, you can save money by hosting multiple domains in one account. There are several different types of multi domain hosting, and on shared hosting platforms, these are the most common.

Redirecting to a subdirectory

The simplest method is redirecting a domain to a subdirectory of your account. Let's say that you have 2 domains, and is your main domain. Then create a subdirectory, name it f.ex. example2, and have the new domain set up to point to that subdirectory. Then if someone go to, they see the content that you have uploaded to the subdirectory you named example2. It acts just like true domain hosting, and to the visitor, there is no difference. They will also see the same content if they go to, but they do not know that.

The drawback with this method is that you normally don't get seperate email accounts, ftp accounts etc. for So this variation of multi domain hosting is ideal if you want to have a few "networked" websites with the same administration. It is less work to maintain than if you had separate control panels, seperate email and so on for each domain. Another ideal scenario for this method is if you have a website consisting of multiple domains (f.ex. one domain for articles, one domain for forums and one domain for a virtual shop).

True multi domain hosting

With true multi domain hosting, you get a separate control panel for each domain, each with its own login, email, tools etc. Normally, you will have to allocate a portion of your disc space and data transfer quotas for each domain. So if you have 100 mb disk space, you can allocate 50 mb to one domain, 20 to a second domain, and 10 mb to 3 additional domains.

As you have one control panel for each domain, and separate email and ftp accounts, administration and maintenance becomes more labour-intensive. But you get more flexibility in setting up the different domains, as they can have their own settings. And of course, if you want separate email accounts, you get that with true multi domain hosting.

Reseller accounts for multi domain hosting

Originally intented for starting your own web hosting business, reseller accounts can be just as good for multi domain hosting. With your own reseller control panel, you can create custom packages tailored to each of your multiple websites. All domains get their own control panel (multiple domains under one control panel may also be possible).

As said in the reseller hosting article, there are basically 2 types of reseller hosting accounts. One where you purchase every extra account at a rebate, and one where you can set up as many accounts as you can fit within predecided account limits (f.ex. 2 gb disk space, 20 gb data transfer, 25 mysql databases etc.). This second type is also referred to as bulk hosting. Bulk hosting is also the most widely used reseller account type for multiple domain hosting.