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40% off web hosting!

40% off your first payment at Hostgator until august 31st! 40% off web hosting..
August 28/2012

Cheap .info domains, .eu domain $0.99

.info domains currently available at $2.98 and .eu domain at $0.99. Cheap .info domain names..
June 14/2012

Where did all the free web hosts go?

A long, long time ago free web hosts were the coolest thing on the internet and most, if not all, non-commercial websites were hosted by one. You don't hear that much about free hosting anymore so I though it would be interesting to check out what has happened to the free web hosts that I have used. Free web hosts..
April 04/2007


How much data transfer do you really need?

The data transfer quotas in budget hosting accounts are major selling points for many web hosting customers. But before you go shopping for gigabytes you should find out what you really need. How much..

Published in Beginner July 02/2006

Web hosting for geeks

A smaller segment in the shared hosting industry with focus on supporting more and newer technologies is best known as geek hosting. I don't like to put the term geek on every webmaster/developer who might purchase this type of hosting but it seems to be the most common term for this small part of the hosting market. Geek hosting..

Published in Advanced January 01/2006

Hosting for Python powered websites

Python is an excellent language for web programming but finding a good web host for your Python powered websites is not as easy as for websites programmed in PHP. And the problem is not only that PHP is installed everywhere and Python is not. Python hosting..

Published in Advanced October 23/2004

Unlimited newsletter edition

This newsletter is about the (mis)use of the terms unlimited and unmetered in the web hosting market. GWHI Newsletter # 3..

Published in Newsletter March 09/2004

Does your web host provide good statistics?

This newsletter contains short reviews of the most common programs for website traffic analysis and talks about why overselling web hosts are becoming more common (and successful). GWHI Newsletter # 2..

Published in Newsletter January 14/2004

Ecommerce hosting plans for merchants who want to go online

Presentations of ecommerce hosting plans that makes it easy to set up a successful ecommerce website. Ecommerce hosting..

Published in Presentations January 10/2004

Why you should not register your domain with your web host

This newsletter is about the dangers of using your web host as your domain registrar, and what you should do to nake sure you have full control over your domains. GWHI Newsletter # 1..

Published in Newsletter November 04/2003

Cheap hosting for dotNet web applications

Find cheap hosting plans for your (dotNet, C#, projects and websites here. hosting..

Published in Presentations September 20/2003

PHP hosting plans

A selection of PHP web hosting plans offered by some of the best web hosts on the net. Including cheap plans for small projects and large plans for complicated ecommerce sites. PHP hosting..

Published in Presentations September 20/2003

Python hosting plans

Want Python hosting for your Python scripts? Python hosting is not as easy to find as f.ex. PHP hosting, although Python is a great scripting language. Come in and find some good Python hosting plans. Python hosting..

Published in Presentations January 30/2003

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